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  1. Michael
    2/28/2007 @ 16:21 pm

    Harpy bird day to ewe, harpy bird day to ewe, harpy bird day lil brother, harpy bird day toooooo ewe!

    Hehe – you are an old man now

    – M

  2. aaron
    3/4/2007 @ 13:23 pm

    I totally saw your wife and son when I first arrived in Loki. Didn’t really feel the need to say hi because I would have been like, “Hi, I know your husband from the internet and I work for Medair.”

  3. aaron
    3/4/2007 @ 20:23 pm

    I got your email, but I’m getting an error when I try to send my reply to you. So i’ll leave it as a comment.

    thanks so much for the invite. I think I’ll have to take you up on it. I have R and R and will be in Nairobi on the 21st. I’m hoping to go for a few days to Malindi and Wamatu to do some diving, ever been? Wanna go? 😉

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