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  1. aaron
    4/5/2007 @ 22:10 pm

    Good way to keep things in perspective man, sometimes it’s hard to step outside ourselves and see what you have.

  2. patsy colorado
    4/7/2007 @ 10:12 am

    it’s like that old story about not having shoes, then you see the man without feet. We all go through this once in a while. You will be fine.

  3. Rick Denny
    5/11/2007 @ 20:17 pm

    Met up with your Mom yesterday Rob. Had entirely forgotten that she worked there. Amazingly, you had come to mind the week before. Your Mom had showed me some wallet sized images of your work. You’re a real artist Rob, and certainly deserve Representation, and subsequently, a living.

    Forgive me for emailing you through a blog. There are a lot of people I wish to no longer so much as cross paths with. You’re not on that list. I’d very much enjoy catching up.

    Rick Denny

  4. Carol
    5/18/2007 @ 01:31 am

    This was six weeks ago – How are you now? Still looking at life from that new perspective? Where are you?

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