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  1. Jamie
    8/3/2006 @ 21:08 pm

    welcome home mary!!!!!!!!, ever since rob’s mom told me i have been sooooo worried. thank god you are safe. yall take care and no more trips lol. have a great weekend

  2. Stephen
    8/4/2006 @ 01:23 am

    Wow… that is some serious craziness. Glad you guys are alright and back together. Your life is a far cry from the Denny’s life we used to live…

  3. Grandma T.
    8/5/2006 @ 22:57 pm

    I am so glad you have both made it home safe. Do hope Mary will not have to go to her home area again. We love you both and hope Rob will find work close or at least be able to make shorter trips. This is the Bouslog family reunion weekend so hope to see lots of family tomorrow at the Twin Lakes Park.Aunt Cindy plans to come but the boys have to work.

  4. James
    8/6/2006 @ 11:13 am

    Common consensus here at home seems to be that Mary ought not to travel right now or only travel with Rob if that is possible…Hope the volunteer job will lead to something permanent and paying in the future.

    Love —
    Your Brother-

  5. Peter h.
    9/1/2006 @ 22:00 pm


    your cousin,

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