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  1. clark
    8/10/2006 @ 20:39 pm

    Your adventures continue. I just thought I’d let you know your pictures of Lokichokio are linked on wikipedia’s website here:

  2. Jasper van Tongeren
    8/11/2006 @ 17:59 pm

    Hi Rob,

    I have been working with you a couple of years ago and i want to send you an email but cannot find your adres anywhere. Can you send me your adres? Next month i’m visiting Nairobi maybe we can meet up?


  3. Stephen
    8/20/2006 @ 00:54 am

    Rob thats fantastic photography there. I am so glad your wife is alright after the crazy events of the last few weeks. Glad to hear you guys are doing alright and for the love of Pete keep posting updates.

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