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  1. mas
    1/6/2006 @ 02:41 am

    Hi Rob, welcome to the real (my) world, your comments and frustration makes me no surprise. People are people everywhere no matter where they live, they act the same way of the human nature with very fine line of deference between the nations. As soon as they find you are a brand new person in the town, the human nature of action will be change and the brain and the body will produce deferent chemicals to able to act other than normal. That is up to each person’s passion of introduction and we may be frazzled a while. Unless and until you find a group of people to hangout or actually live with the comfort. I am very sure you will adapt the way of life and the African humor :). Even if you go to New York as long as you act as New Yorker its fine, the fortune left you alone, once they notice you are from out side, then the attitude will be change and you may have to face the consequences. I have seen many and I met some uncivilized people too, when I was in Cleveland OH, a Taxi driver literally robbed me $30 instead $10. In Baltimore, they sold me $100 camera for $300. In West Indies was looted by the car mechanics of course in my lucky days rescued by the local friends, In Guyana you cant even imagine the circumstances, but in other hand I have met wonderful and most kind and affectionate peoples in the world, some situations nothing to do with money nonetheless the attitude is very arrogant and intolerable. though I don’t blame them because that’s the way they live, in fact most of them never been out side of the city or state, besides the business men want to make more profit with short time, and some they want to show you the way of life style, So we have to deal with the life style. I am very sure you will do much better, I suggest always go with Mary moreover two minds are better than one and what they say the women is the best shopper in the world than Men. I believe so

    Good Luck

  2. James Rooker
    1/6/2006 @ 04:05 am

    Hey Rob —

    I am with you on the children and noise issue…I love kids … but being a bachelor have gotten used to not having them and the attendant noise level around…am always a bit surprised when I get around a few young children just how noisy it can get…

    It would be interesting to know if Mary would experience a “skin tax” issue if y’all were here — or would it be more simple communication issues due to vocal accent differences…

    If possible down the road you really should bring Mary stateside for at least a visit…

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