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  1. Mom
    12/31/2005 @ 01:39 am

    Finally, something out of you. Had begun to give you up for lost. As regards a couch – get creative!! You’re a creative guy. It’s a lot cheaper to get a twin size bed and fill it with pillows and bolsters and make a couch out of it. Or if you have a source of used wood, make cubes with a board back, get some foam or pillows to use as seat cushions and backing. The cubes can be made to serve as storage also. All of which can be covered in those great saris or lion cloths you keep picking up. They make great window treatments too. I can think of lots of ways to create a couch area and other furnishings. I understand the idea of wanting something new, but if you can’t afford it, you can’t. Go to There are lots of ideas in their Trash to Treasure section for using found objects. Might get some ideas there.

  2. Grandma T.
    1/4/2006 @ 01:11 am

    So good to hear from you–have you gotten my emails lately? 2005 was a bad year for lots of us–2006 has to be a better one! Who would have tho’t of that? Your Mom has some real creative ideas for the couch–she always could make something out of nothing. I always felt so comfortable in her home. What’s happening with Mary? She’s a beautiful gal! Looks like we will be going to Columbus, Oh. on Jan. 12th–Sean is to receive a certificate at a reception for mentors and mentees at the State House in Columbus. Just got the invitation today and when I called in the RSVP, he and Cindy were there being interviewed for the newspaper. He has had a Big Brother for several years and I imagine it is thru that program that he is getting the award since he made Eagle Scout in October.
    What projects are you working on now? Will you be going back to Maridi soon? Do keep us posted. Love you.
    Grandma T.

  3. Jamie
    1/4/2006 @ 01:36 am

    welcome back rob, hope you had a great new years eve.
    i’am glad to here about your new place. that sounds like alot of fun fixing it up. talk to a latter be safe.


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