Carnival – A creative process

The Drawing

I started the drawing and then left it sitting for days before paying it more attention.  It sat to my right gathering dust and debris from all over.

I started out just doing a regular black and white marker sketch. Hard lines, no color. I ended up with just the face.  The other half of the page I used to scribble some notes.

Carnival Sketch 1 Rooker


As it sat on my desk next to my computer, the design it grew. I added more shapes. Started inserting red color throughout. In the end I filled up the whole page.  Adding here and there continuously until the whole A2 page was covered.

Carnival Sketch 2 Rooker


Afterwards, I took it through the paces. Made a photo, cleaned it up in photoshop, making the blacks, black and reds, red. Importing the image into Illustrator and converting it to outlines. Then adding more color.

To be 100% honest, I think the red, white and black was more striking. Just look at the above photo. I really like that. The beauty of the digital file is that I can now make it any color I really want. Pull some Andy Warhol print type things.

I named it Carnival because of the colors. Its bright and vibrant and alive.

Carnival Final Rooker