Sudan Land Grab – My First Data Visualization

I read an article this morning about “land grabbing” in Africa by foreign countries.  When I read the amount of land being acquired by foreign investors in Sudan, I thought to my self, “that is horrible”.  Then I took a closer look at the numbers.  It really doesn’t seem to be that much.   I’ll be the first to admit my math ain’t that good.   So maybe my picture doesn’t completely represent the scheme of things.  But after a little digging on the internet and finding some numbers, this is what I came up with.

Just a note:  From what I have seen in Sudan, the estimate that there is only a small fraction of land that is arable is hogwash.  The majority of the land in the South could be used for farming, and while I don’t have that size, I know for certain it is more than 17 million hectares.  2 million is the approximate amount that has been leased out/ sold to other countries for use in agriculture.

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