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  1. South Sudan: Prose/Poetry Magazine for South Sudan · Global Voices
    4/30/2011 @ 16:10 pm

    […] TORE is a poetry/prose magazine for South Sudan: “There are some great stories & poems in here as well as a few opinion peices on Sudan. There is also some excellent layout and design if I don’t say so myself.” Tweet […]

  2. Sudan Poetry: Moment of Truth Sums | Wapi Ndizi yangu!
    5/1/2011 @ 22:42 pm

    […] Info ← TORE Magazine, Southern Sudan […]

  3. Mom
    2/8/2012 @ 03:46 am

    Tried to download the pdf but received “file damaged” report instead. May need to check it out and set up new pdf.

  4. Sudan Poetry: Moment of Truth Sums : Rebuild Sudan
    2/28/2012 @ 07:21 am

    […] Henry Jada TORE Magazine – 2008 Tweet Tagged with: Culture • […]

  5. Vomiting Stolen Food - A sneak peak into post-war South Sudan - Wapi Ndizi yangu!
    1/4/2014 @ 23:21 pm

    […] Sudanese newspapers that are currently in circulation.  He was also the spearhead behind the TORE magazine, which I posted about last […]

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