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  1. Rhonda
    11/7/2008 @ 01:48 am

    You need to be painting, painting, painting!!!!!!!! Why not approach some of the government officials that you’ve met through Mary to see if any of them would want to have their portrait done. Bet you could make a nice chunk of change. I keep telling you, maybe one of these days it will finally click in your head. You really have to stop resisting the inevitable. It takes too much of your energy banging your head against the wall, when there is a door just a few feet away.

  2. Grandma Travis
    12/28/2008 @ 23:15 pm

    Your new paintings are great. Just keep it up. I’m sure there would be a place in Nairobi with all the tourists, where you could market your work. I would think it could be sold at a much higher price than as you have priced them. Value your work–you are talented–not everyone can paint. None of us local people price our framed paintings for under $150. I know it would not be practical for you to frame yours for sale due to shipping and most people would want to choose framing.

    Do hope you all had a good Christmas. We were all by ourselves but did receive lots of phone calls. We were on the Altrusa Club Christmas Walk Dec. 13th, and still have friends and relatives coming by to see the house with all the trimmings. I’ll try to send some pictures by email. Give everyone a hug for us. Love you—

    Grandma T.

  3. Rebecca
    1/26/2009 @ 07:56 am

    Hello, you don’t know me.
    I found your blog last night after I googled ‘kerosene in ears’.
    I got kero in my ears last night and it was hurting like crazy.
    This morning my ears are all clogged up and kero i still coming out.
    I want to know how long it took for your ears to be completely better.
    Did you really do serious damage?
    Please reply, somehow?

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