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  1. Aaron Stewart
    8/28/2008 @ 21:11 pm

    “I felt embarrassed when my brother in asked me in Arabic if I was speaking Arabic or still didn’t know it. I responded that my car was in Nairobi. ”

    It’s ok dude ‘Aarabi’ and ‘Aarabiya’ can sound pretty similar sometimes. 🙂

  2. 31337
    8/28/2008 @ 21:34 pm

    i think the limit of my arabic is limited to counting to three.

  3. Arwen
    9/2/2008 @ 23:07 pm

    Hey you are one up on me me period. I know enough french from high school to know I’m being cussed at!! And enough spansh to tell fellow coworkers I need a fish or a burger with cheese LMAO but I also live where English is the language. *hugs* love ya cuz

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