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  1. The good looking brother
    5/23/2008 @ 05:01 am

    And still you haven’t called mom and dad….I think they are worried because Mom keeps asking if I have heard from you. Get off the beer wagon and give the parents a shout when you get a chance.

    You may now call me Mister Rooker if you like – new occupation: Technical Trainer for Ion Geophysical ( Went to Edinburgh, Scotland last week to teach a class, and looks like I will be heading to Cranleigh, England sometime around the 16th to teach another one, then off to Las Palmas, Spain by the 21st to learn how to calibrate birds (dang things just don’t fly straight), before coming back to the states. Give me a couple months and I may have visited as many countries in the World as you have.

    Ernesto “Dido” Cuadras passed away yesterday at 11:30. Leslie is out there for the funeral right now. If you get a moment to say a prayer and give a call, she is staying at Patsy’s. I think you have the number and her email (Patsy), and Leslie can be reached at

    – M

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