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  1. Aaron Stewart
    12/3/2007 @ 20:29 pm

    This is terrible news Rob, thanks for a good analysis of it.

  2. Samson
    12/9/2007 @ 00:34 am

    Hallo Rob. Keep it so clear so that the world will know the truth. The Murle are being deliberately targeted and misrepresented by the other tribes, specially the bor dinka, of course not all of them. Not because I am from Murle but it is the truth, TO THE MURLE I SAY ‘KEGEENYIT’ which means let us watch out and open our eyes. Tribalism, folly and corruption will destroy you ‘Ya junuubiyiin’ while the ‘jalaba’ are preparing for their final attack on all of us

  3. Samson
    12/9/2007 @ 01:10 am

    To the Murle everywhere who have access to the internet, let us open our eyes and try to find a final solution to those among bor dinka who mistakenly think they can repeat the Rwanda genocide and the jalaba genocide first in the south and now in Darfur. Murle will survive.

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