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  1. Jamie
    3/21/2006 @ 20:59 pm

    yes the flowers are great thank you soooo much. i’m glad your going back to nairobi i hope all is well with mary.
    thanks again for the flowers. have a good one

  2. Mom
    3/24/2006 @ 01:02 am

    Flowers are definitely better looking than your eye! But I am prejudice about the eye. When healthy it’s a pretty good looking eye on a pretty good looking guy. Hope it is better and you don’t have any other problems with it. Love you!! Mom

  3. Arwen
    3/27/2006 @ 05:46 am

    pretty flowers 😀 ugly eye.. and that was mostly the medicine it looks like.

  4. stephen
    4/2/2006 @ 01:26 am

    Wow, that eye was something… and those flowers! Horrifying! Nature in all its terrifying… natureyness… Sounds like things are pretty exciting in your part of the world… hope that eye clears up.

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