TORE Magazine, Southern Sudan


A few years ago I worked with some friends and put together a poetry/prose magazine for Southern Sudan.  This was one of the most interesting projects I have done in a long time primarily because I had complete artistic control.  There were plans for a second edition but due to a variety of constraints it hasn’t happened yet.

The magazine was called “TORE“. I believe it is pronounced as “tor – ray”.  The meaning of TORE has something to do with a trumpet, trumpeting or making lots of noise.  It originates from one of the equatorian languages in Southern Sudan.  If I could remember which one I would mention it here but my memory is faulty at the time of this writing.

There are some great stories & poems in here as well as a few opinion peices on Sudan.  There is also some excellent layout and design if I don’t say so myself.

Hope you enjoy.

You can read it here.