Check Engine

For the past two months my check engine light keeps coming on. I should check the engine I know. But then after a while it often goes off. I do check the engine. Oil is ok. Water levels are fine. I probably should take it to a professional.

For the past six weeks I have been visiting the Nairobi hospital on a daily basis. Have had a sick relative staying there. He is well now. But still in the hospital. The bill went slightly above the expected amount. Actually went way way way above that amount. They won’t let him leave till the money is paid. So every day we add another $100 to the tab while we wait for money to come.

For the past four weeks I have daily been expecting the money to come to pay the hospital bill. Its supposed to be sent from Sudan. Things take a lot of time there. The money finally was ready on Tuesday. But it still can’t be sent. There seems to be a scam going on with the banks and government not to allow people to send money out of the country.

Complete segway: I think I just saw a car jacking from my window. Two cars pulled up to a gate. A bunch of young guys making noise and running around the car. A horn honking. What looked like a gun or something in somebody’s hand. Someone getting into the driver’s seat. Both cars speeding off. A watchman blowing a whistle. It is late, I may be seeing things.

The main point of this post: I wanted to post some artwork I have been working on for a possible book. Don’t know if they will use it.

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