that taste

it won’t get off of my tounge.  from the medicine.

the docs tested me.  found nothing.  gave me meds for malaria anyhow.  pop, pop and a few more over the last three days.  drugged up, sleeping most of the time.

phonelines are a little crazy. getting swapped with other peoples conversations.  my wife called but I couldn’t hear her.  she could hear me.  i heard a crazy lady speaking some funny language.  “I’m sick, why are you calling me like this, just leave me alone”.  My wife fearing the sickness had made me crazy.  “come home”.

I want to go home.  i want to see my family.

working but not right now.  no money.  nothing to send home.  mother going hungry while the babe can’t find milk on the teat.  father going crazy.  trying to figure out when the cycle will break and the tunnel will find a light.