about 4 a.m. I start to hear all the roosters crowing. i can’t estimate the number. too many to count I think.

between 5 and 6 I can start to hear various neighbors starting to get up and move around. Babies waking up, crying for their mother’s milk. Old men coughing. Women washing. Children yelling or being yelled at.

From 7 most of the neighborhood is awake. Motorcycles roaring to life as their drivers speed off in a hurry to get nowhere, taking little heed of the obstacles in the roads or anything else that might pop up in their way. They dart in front of vehicles provoking a stream of angry yells and the blast of a car horn. Radios at different volumes share the morning news or music meant for a night club.

Around 8 those that go to school start on their way. Those that don’t look for another glass of tea or the remaining mandazi (doughnut) and then run off looking for mischief to get into.

If I am still in bed, it is because I am being lazy. I can hear the whole neighborhood awake and beginning their day. The house, hut, tukel or whatever it may be called doesn’t keep out the noise. Apparently bamboo and grass don’t muffle much in the way of sound waves.

This morning it rained. Very hard. This house sits at a funny slant. It ran down the outside and inside to the floor, forming a little stream that passed through one side of the room. Need to fix that.

The rest of the day got warm. Lots of sun, lots of heat. For a couple of weeks I was driving around in a pickup with my arm hanging out the window getting a one sided tan. This last week I have stayed indoors in the air conditioning a bit more and i think I am losing the browness. I don’t care though. Its too hot out there.

i visited one of my clients this afternoon and drank 3 of my beers. 500 ml cans are big. I realized after the fact that three tall boys are about the same as six small. My head is spinning just a little bit.