death in jonglei

On Thursday we got news from contacts in Sudan that Dinka were attacking and killing Murle in Bor town. It was apparently in retaliation to an attack that had happened the day before. Our initial report indicated that Dinka had attacked and killed at least nine Murle. The attacks took place in the MSF hospital and other parts of the town. All of the rest of the Murle in Bor had to take shelter under heavy guard. We also heard that military forces were moving from Bor towards areas occupied by Murle with a possible intention of attacking them.

No official reports from Bor itself have come out except for a report from MSF Belgium. Reuters picked up that story and I think it has made to the likes of CNN and a few others.

According to the Reuters story, only seven people were killed. The last update we have heard was yesterday that indicated the Government of South Sudan was attempting to evacuate the Murle. Along with the Murle we also heard that a number of Anyuak and Nuer families were wanting to leave as well. It seems up to this point they are still in Bor because the community or members of the military are refusing to let them leave just yet.

All of this is very sad news for us, especially for Mary.

It seems a bit strange that some of the Sudan news outlets havn’t picked up the story yet. Normally they are very quick to write something about Murle aggression against the Dinka. I ran a search this morning looking for more information, but only found the MSF reports and a letter from “Citizens of Jonglei” to the president titled “Petition to Stop Insecurity in Jonglei State”. It primarily focused on their problems with the Murle. It briefly mentioned some problems relating to insecurity on the road between Juba and Bor, but neglected to mention by the names the tribes they are having conflict with there.

We are keeping a watch to see what happens in the course of the next few days. It feels like there may be a war brewing between Dinka and Murle. The Government doesn’t really seemed bothered to do much. This tension isn’t new. People have been beating the war drums for a long time now and the GoSS just sits and watches what might happen.

before I forget, here is the link the a memorial page that MSF put up about one of it’s workers who died in the attacks on the hospital