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  1. ekai
    10/19/2006 @ 16:26 pm

    ”Mimi pia nawatakia wakati mwema mnapoongoja kuzaliwa kwa mwana wenu”

    am also wishing you a good moment as you’re waiting for your new born baby.

  2. Carol
    10/19/2006 @ 22:10 pm

    We’re wiating with baited breath for more news. Grandma Rooker has appointed me the messenger while your folks are visiting you!

  3. Jamie
    10/20/2006 @ 00:52 am

    I hope Mary is well and does she know what all personal woman stuff you are telling every one LOL ????? Women all go through this but we dont like to talk about the enimas and stuff like that. Please ask her what to say and what not to say. Let her have her dignity for this birth lol. I do wish yall the best and I hope your mom & dad got there ok.

  4. Grandma T.
    10/20/2006 @ 19:33 pm

    I check the website daily so we will know when the baby arrives. So glad we can communicate this way–so much quicker and inexpensive than other ways.I was 10 days late delivering your mother, 5 wks. late with Aunt Cindy, and 3 wks. late with Aunt Susan. I don’t think the doctors allow women to delay so long any more–thank goodness. The Dr. did have me take an enema before Cindy was born and she came 11 hours later. I was really getting desparate to have her. What a thing to discuss on the computer! Who can guess what I will say next? Anyway, good luck with it all, we hope it will all soon be over.
    Grandma T.

  5. Caro;
    10/21/2006 @ 23:27 pm

    We’re all waiting for word. I’ve been appointed the messenger to grandma and grandpa r. They’re waiting, too. Not as bad as your wait, however. Goc bless & keep all of you.

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