I spent the day working on a website for Mary today.  Still needs a bit of work, but am happy I was finally able to figure out some of the CSS that was giving me a headache these past few weeks.  I’m no good when it comes to code.

I havn’t quite figured out how to link images with the new blogging format i am using.  Hopefully soon. 

Mary is keeping busy in Juba at the moment.  She is working hard to organize herself so she can go to Pibor county Jonglei state and start campaigning for the election.  Her biggest problem is finances.  They don’t seem to be easy to come by.  

Other than the money, things seem to be going well for her.  She has had to put a bit of her music on hold while she is campaigning.  Before she started the campaign effort though she was able to complete several new songs for her next album, release her second videon ( and its at 1400 views so far) and participate in a music project that is featuring 10 of Sudan’s popular artists singing about the upcoming elections.  This album is set to be realeased in the next week or so and we are really looking forward to how that will come out.  

Here is the proposed cover for the upcoming album.  They are planning to release on cassette, cd & have a free digital download on their site. (what year is this? I know, I know…. but a large majority of Sudanese don’t have CD players or the internet and they do have a cassette player.

Find out more about this recording and what is going with the Sudan election here:  http://www.sudanvotes.com

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