The Kenya Art Fair

This year I felt very fortunate to be a part of the Wasanii Exhibition by Kuona Trust at the Kenya Art Fair. I was able to display three pieces The Butcher, Beauty, and The Shopkeeper

The butcher by rob rooker kuona trust sleeping beauty by rob rooker kuona trust shopkeeper by rob rooker kuona trust

Also, Kuona Trust used The Shopkeeper for the cover of the 2016 catalogue.  Now, at least a few more people have my work in their hands.  This is amazing and humbling.

kuona art fair catalogue rob rooker

I received lots of positive feedback on the work. which has really encouraged me.  Now to move on-wards and upwards, and maybe start to sell a bit.  I dream of the day when all I have to do is draw and make beautiful things and get paid for that.

The Kenya Art Fair was great.  I saw lots of amazing and beautiful work.  Also had the chance to meet a get to know a few of the artists around.  Looking forward to checking it out again next year.