nairobinightIts 2 a.m. Time for sleeping started long before but I ignored it.  Preferring instead to stress my head with stupid games and stupid movies. Perfecting the art of zoning out for hours on end.  Days even.

But the bed is calling.

These days it is raining .  Days when rain washes away common sense. Traffic jams blocking the city’s arteries. People waiting for rides that never come and anxiously praying the skies won’t pour down on them again.

New roads becoming rivers, starting to crumble as heavy rain turns into heavy floods. Whole buildings and structures collapsing as water seeps into foundations and weakens the core.

Yet everything blooms and the sun still comes out on occasion.

Its 2 a.m.. The drizzle that was has stopped.  Drip, Drip can be heard from the window.  The sky glows orange, light caught by clouds floating low.

The bed is getting more persistent now. I think i will join it.