Lines Drawn

Mind Palace

I’ve been severely limited on cash flow of late. This is an unpleasant position to be in.  Sitting there watching time run out on all the things that demand compensation and unable to do anything about it. Its demoralizing and easily encourages me to lean way out over that edge of sanity looking into the abyss of the chaotic.


On a few days I have just curled up into a ball of refuse and felt rather sorry for myself.  I realized this doesn’t really get me anywhere.  The hyperventilating, the stress headaches, the mind running and running in all directions trying to think its way out of the mess. It really drains a person.


So one has to push on. Doing at least a little bit, even if it is only to keep the synapses firing to keep the mind fresh.  I have to say that at the least, it has given me motivation to scribble again.  Put some lines on the paper and draw some strange nonsense.


I had had a drawing block for about 3 months.  I guess I had to get back to the poverty line to break through the blockage.  In the future I will need to find a less stressful muse.

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