Postcards – Dunia Duara

My friend Pernille has some lovely photographs over at her site Dunia Duara. Recently she had a small exhibition in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.  As part of the show, she took the series of images she was exhibiting and asked me to help her produce them as postcards with the Dunia Duara brand.



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I have a new stress relief in my life.  Trimming paper.  That may sound strange (even sad), but very true. If I mess up the cuts, it can be stressful, but when I trim and get it right I feel absolutely wonderful the rest of the day.

This was a fun project.  I got to make some beautiful designs for my friend, cut them to satisfaction and produce a product she was  happy with.

Step 1: Print them on supersized A3 

A3 prints Dunia Duara



Step 2: Trim em down!

Dunia Duara Cut 1Dunia Duara Cut 2

Step 3: A6 postcards trimmed

Dunia Duara Postcards 2 Dunia Duara Postcards 1


Step 4: Beautiful Postcards!