Nairobi Living

I have been burrowing deep into my man cave ( my room) and only coming out for air on a few occasions.  I have had some slight anxiety in this current Nairobi.  I hate dealing with any type of conflict at any level.

I’m tired of being paranoid on a bus wondering who is the next person to target me and attempt to pick my pocket. At least once a week it happens going or coming from town.  Exciting the first few times I catch on to the play, annoying all the rest.

It may have been an attempt to encourage me to use his service more often, but since one of my regular cab drivers mentioned that there have been multiple cases of city buses getting hijacked on the route I take, I don’t feel comfortable riding them home at night.

Lots of robberies & criminal activities in the middle of town during the middle of the day.  Thieves striking motorists stuck on Jam.  Muggings in broad daylight in the busiest of places. Police gunning down alleged robbers and innocent bystanders in alleyways.

Non stop news about “terrorist” attacks.  Westgate, grenades in the city, bombs in restaurants.  Violent government response that does nothing to secure the country but everything to drag it closer towards chaos.

Nairobi, what is going on with you?  Sigh…

The whole purpose of this post was to post a fun animation.  Me and my boy. He keeps me sane on the bad days.