I have quite a range of clients that I work with.  One of my favorites has been Lifechallenge which is part of a missionary organization called SIM.  Good people, straight forward design briefs and they have always been willing to pay quickly.

The latest project I am working on is redesigning a series of tracts.  My favorite one to do had a number of pictures of fingers inside it.  I attempted to pull all the former images from the original source material but many of them were very poor resolution & quality.  So, in the end, I took three different images and retraced them by hand, shading with an ink pen, scanning them in to the computer, and then cleaning them up.  I believe the images were originally part of a clipart package, but I did not have much luck tracking them down.

Tract Before:

finger, hand, drawing, illustration, ink, pen

Tract After:

Finger of God, SIM, Lifechalleng

The purpose of this post is to put those pictures up for free download if anyone wants them.  I do not claim any originality to these images.  I traced low resolution versions and made them a bit better.  So enjoy if you like.  These are the raw scans I made after inking them by hand.  Click on any of the images to download.

hand, pointing, line, drawing, pen, ink, finger hand, pointing, line, drawing, pen, ink, finger   hand, pointing, line, drawing, pen, ink, finger