#E30LA – Band Aid 30 years later


For the 30th Anniversary of Band Aid, Ebola was a god-send.  Just look at that 30.  See how clever it is to swap out the “BO” and slap in the “30” instead? Genius.  #E30LA, pure brilliance.  I’m even inclined to think that someone was sitting around one day and noticed this and told themselves “Friggin Brilliant, we have to do a new song”.  And wham, Band Aid 30, saving Africa from Ebola was born.

There are a few that think maybe its not the best idea:   Africans to Geldof: We don’t need another Band Aid solution

But c’mon, with that logo and all those pretty popstars, how can they go wrong…

Fine, fine…  Well, maybe support could go to these guys instead: