Jon Pen de Ngong, an independant journalist from South Sudan, is currently working on his next book of poems called AssAssNat!ion!. You can learn more about Jon and his multitude of words here: or on facebook here: .

He approached me some time ago and asked if I could work on a book cover for him.  This is what we came up with.  I posted this image some time ago, but now it is finished so have decided to post again.

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Here is a sample of one of the poems from the book:


‘A Warrant with a War Rant’

Nay to unrest?
Say no to arrest! 

I received my warrant,
A warrant in a war rant,
A warrant of harassment,
A warrant of embarrassment,
That’s way beyond a warrant of arrest!

And once I sensed this, 
I had but to change my axis!
But my colleagues had had theirs lost,
When they thought that I was a fear host,
As they unto death carelessly decided to just rest!

I had already read and foreseen the Big Two
And their war rants laced with a noisy much ado.
The worst of it is a politician just grabs and then rents
My fellow youth to naively run their errands by war rants.
These youth even volunteer to issue out a warrant of arrest!

For this and another reason,
I couldn’t wait for their season.
Nay, I swore never to lend them my brain
So that they’d rent it for their personal grain.
Hence, I chose to run away from running for them an unrest.

And woe to who curses me for not joining their alliance,
The personal alliance for political and tribal dalliance.
I swear not to wear an artificial brain at this age,
So that they’d upload into it their silly sage,
And rent me to sell it for their interest.

Thus I can spread their propaganda,
Which carries not proper agenda.
So be I, me, myself, independent,
Not flatteringly unrepentant,
For I am not a bootlicker;
I’m hot, a boot-clicker! 

Say no to arrest;
No to unrest! 

Book Title: AssAss!Nat!on!
Poem No. 12: A Warrant with a War Rant.
Poet: Jon Pen de Ngong
Period: 2013 to 2014
Status: Publishing in Progress.