March Madness

Kenya went to the polls to elect a new president and various other officers on Monday, 4th of March.   There had been concern that things might go badly, as they have done in years past.  So far, so good.  There have been some very small pockets of outburst in a few locations throughout the country, but for the most part, people have remained calm.  Now, everyone is just waiting to find out what the results were.  Seem to be loads of issues with the very expensive equipment that was bought to make the process run smooth and transparent.  It stopped working.  So they have gone back to a process that leaves quite a few wondering what is going on.  Two days and folks are getting a little bit anxious.


Myself, have been anxious about a whole lot of other things.  Primarily how I’m going to clear the rent this month and buy some food for my family.  I’m a little bit stressed.  I hope the country remains calm.  If it goes into a nosedive like in 2007, I’m going to be majorly screwed up.


So in between the anxiety and stress i worked on these.  They are not that exciting, but I like the colors and thought I would share.