Vomiting Stolen Food – A sneak peak into post-war South Sudan


A few months back I posted an article about a cover concept I did for Vomiting Stolen Food , a new book by Victor Lugala.  He didn’t go for it, but at least he was happy with my interior layout.  Victor is a journalist with Sudan Radio Service and he is a contributor to the majority of Southern Sudanese newspapers that are currently in circulation.  He was also the spearhead behind the TORE magazine, which I posted about last week.

Vomiting Stolen Food is a collection of writings Victor has put together regarding post-war Southern Sudan.  They are words that paint an intriguiging picture of life in the capital of Juba and parts of Southern Sudan.

Here is an excerpt from the title piece, Vomiting Stolen Food:

“War escaped through the dilapidated window and peace entered elegantly through the door. Our freedom fighters packed their few earthly possessions and said goodbye to the grass curtain, as they trooped to Juba, a city repeatedly raped by zombies and forgotten by time. Welcome to Juba, the village city of heat, filth, shit, booze, grub and raw sex. When peace embraced the village city there was a stampede to scramble for a piece of the liberation cake.  People with sharp appetites fell over each other to feast on the overflowing plate of peace. The eating chiefs indulged their appetites and celebrated the dawn of peace in grand style. They gorged themselves and belched like volcanoes, as if to taunt those who didn’t participate in the armed struggle: where were you when we were fighting?  That mantra became the signature of the petro-dollar VIP cars that belonged to a club of few politically-correct people. As for the ordinary people in the street who are propelled by a pair of legs and national pride, the fresh breeze of peace, after years of nursing war wounds, was a welcome relief…”


If anyone would be interested in getting a copy of the book, please feel free to drop me a line and we will see what can be organized