Logos in Sudan

When I was working in Sudan I did a few logos. I won’t say they were great logos, but I they were interesting. The hardest thing about them was trying to incorporate everything the client asked for. They liked literal logos. Illustrations of something happening that reflected their name or some sort of animal/scene they may associate things with. Not too many were into simple logos. I honestly have no idea if any of the companies are still in operation. A large number of the logos I did were for clients setting up a quick company in order to try and get a lucrative contract with GoSS. I also did a couple for some government offices and a few local charity organizations.
Department for Research & documentation logo by Rob Rooker Ministry of Agriculture, foresty, animal resources and fisheries western equatoria logo by rob rooker aka gigglingbob TORE logo by Rob Rooker Tiger Communication logo by rob rooker Southern Sudan Women's effort to fight HIV/Aids logo by rob rooker africa for agriculture trade and investmet (ATI) LTD logo by rob rooker Duk Bor link internationally logo by rob rooker JIE logo by rob rooker Future for Development & Investment Co LTD logo by rob rooker Salam Both company ltd.  They are busy trying to get stuff collected, packed and delivered.