Khartoum, Sudan – Military Industry Corporation (MIC) Official Website

Khartoum Tank


This is the Al-Bashier battle tank from Khartoum’s Military Industry Corporation website. I want one.

They have a lovely selection of weapons, equipment and infantry boots for sale. I like their motto: “For peace we gather all our effort”.

I am assuming that Sudan doesn’t have to import so much of its weapons to kill its own people anymore with this company around. That or they export the weapons at a good price and import cheap killing machines for their own use.

I have to admit that they have some rather cool names for their weapons. I have no idea what they mean, but they roll off the tongue quite nicely. Like take the “MAZ”. It is basically an AK-47, but the “MAZ” sounds a bit more impressive. And according to the description: “It is of light weight, and so easy to use.”