Televic Education in Kenya

Last week I attended a small presentation regarding E-learning and implementation in Kenya.

A company called Televic has managed to partner with the Kenya and the K.I.E. (Kenya Institute for Education) to provide software and content for computer based learning in 240 schools across Kenya.

Just taking a glance at it from the outside the idea looks great.  Who wouldn't want to give kids in 240 schools across the country the ability to learn with computers?  Its already happening in so many schools around the world it is about time that Kenya catches up.

Something doesn't seem right though. 

Here are the things that bother me:

1. The content for the learning is supposed to be provided by local publishers.  To integrate their material with the Televic software, the publisher pays for:
– a license to use the Televic software
– a yearly subscription fee
– Hosting their content on the Televic site so it can be used with the software
– Converting & Digitizing content as per Televic 's specifications

2.  There is no clear indication how the publisher is to benifit financially.  According to the presenter, the benifits he foresaw for the publishers are that their content would be digitized.

3. There is only one company in Kenya that is an "exclusive partner" –  This is the company that is to provide assistance with digitizing content and setting it up for the Televic software.  To be a part of this program you have to go through these guys.

4. The "digitized" formats are nothing more than PDFs, Microsoft Word files, Power point files, and/or video & audio files that can only be accessed with other software outside of the Televic software.

5. With all the tech buzz in this country right now, it seems only a handful of people were aware that this program is to be implemented in the next 24months.

Televic and the Kenyan government may have some good intentions here.  However, I feel like Televic is taking advantage of a situation and somebody somewhere is benefiting under the table.  I truly hope I am wrong.

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p.s.  What is with that logo? It disturbs me

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