Free & Fair – No more standards

“Looking into the fact this is a country that had not had a multi-party election for almost a generation… to say they are free and fair, to the best of our knowledge we have no reason to think the contrary,” – AU Observer Mission in Sudan

The people of the AU, European Union and the Carter Centre observer mission are all telling us the same thing: Hey, give Sudan a break, they have never voted before, they don’t know what they are doing.

I say bullshit. (Excuse my language.)

Maybe it was fairly peaceful. But not all elections on the continent of Africa are violent. Believe it or not, the majority of Africans prefer peaceful activities as opposed to killing each other with machetes.

However, It was not free and it was not fair. Period. Both NCP and SPLM did everything they could do to make sure the elections came out with very specific results.

Everyone admits that the election fell way below the “standard”. They would like us to forget about any standards and just except it for the way that it is. Lets not hold anyone accountable. It is just easier that way.

It would be better if everyone just admitted that these elections were a big show and that no one expected and meaningful results in the first place. All anyone has cared about is the Referendum.

Just to comment, that won’t be free or fair either. And if anyone thinks that it will be or that the North will let it happen peacefully because of the back door deals that have been made these past few months, then they are just stupid.

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