sorry for poor quality photo. although I doubt you really want a hi quality one. notice the red spot on the index finger. my son managed to close his finger in the door yesterday. it almost ripped off the whole tip. fortunately nothing was broken.

at the hospital they said he had to go under general anesthesia to stitch the wound. said he was too young and would freak out too much under local anesthesia. taking him into the theatre and putting him under kinda freaked me out.

lost the finger nail and has four pretty stitches and a bit of pain. he is a trooper though. imagined he would be screaming his head off a lot longer than he did yesterday. he screamed a bit, but settled down quickly once we came to his aid. and he seemed to enjoy himself at the hospital. except when we got him dressed in the hospital gown. he knew something was up.

thought a finger story would be appropriate today in light of all the Finger of God ( stories floating around kenya(

although the two have nothing in common. except for the fingers and a big mess.

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