Auto Mantenance

Fixing Cars

I tried to get a better shot than this, but was not very successfull.  I was feeling shy to take a photo.   So I was trying to be covert and take” photos” of my wife.

Anyhow, these are the best  I got.  Notice the two little pickup trucks in the background.  They have been turned up on their sides so the mechanic can get underneath and do some work, like rewelding an exhaust pipe or something.  They are supported by a row of tires on the ground.

Yeah I think its pretty cool.  Not sure you could duplicate with my car though.  It took about five guys to flip the truck over.  Five guys can barely pushstart my car when the battery is dead. Not to mention the side of my car would probably cave in.She's Hot

Thats my wife.  I think she is pretty cute.:)