2nd Day Sudan Election

Communication.  Get frustrated with it sometimes.
Briefly spoke with Mary.  Still lots of problems on ground in Pibor.
So today in places like Manyabol and Gumuruk, just outside of Pibor town, people were refusing to vote.  They said what was the point of voting if they were not going to be allowed to choose who they wanted to vote for.   These are a couple places where they have been told they have to vote one way or they would have problems. Mary says that in Manyabol 200+ voter registration cards were confiscated by the chief who then went into the polling booth and filled out the forms.   Apparently the same type of thing happened in Gumuruk.
Agents are still being chased out of polling stations.
I didn’t get to talk to her very long.

Posted via email from Mary Boyoi