Toys, Goats and Sickness

child's toy
child's toy

This is a picture of one of my nephews holding a toy he had created that day.  It looked liked it would provide hours of fun if it didn’t fall apart.  All it is is a stick, plastic bottle, plastic lid and piece of twine.  He put a very small hole in the side of the bottle and tied the twine to it.  He then wrapped the twine around the stick, pulls the string and has a spinning lid.  Its like a yo-yo in that the twine wraps itself around the stick and you pull it again to reverse direction and keep the topping spinning.

I tried it out and lost the string on the second pull.  He then added a small stick to the end of the string to keep it from getting pulled back inside as it was spinning.  Loads of fun and pretty smart kid.

The family also killed a goat that day.  I’m not sure if Abarizaa is going to remember it or not, but it will be the first time he has seen a live animal killed.  He came running to me and his mother very excited and what looked to be a little bit disturbed.  “Goat, goat, beat you!”  he said while pointing in the direction of the animal.  He followed this up by making slashing gestures to his throat with his hands and fingers. “Goat, sleep”. He then ran back to inspect the goat again.  After they finished cleaning and skinning it, they cooked it.  Goat meat is very tasty.

Since coming to Juba both of the boys are getting sick at least once a week.  This is very frustrating. They have had constant bouts of diareaha and other funny things.  This week it seems Abarizaa has a bit of Typhoid.  The doctors said it was only a little bit and that he will be fine.  But he hasn’t been happy for the past three or four days.  I don’t like being in this place with sick little children.  I can’t take care of them properly.