My wife and a number of Sudanese women got together on Tuesday and held a demonstration to support  Lubna Hussein and other Sudanese activists fighting for the rights of women in Sudan.

Here is a note she pasted on Facebook in regards to the event:

On Tuesday Sudanese women in Kenya made a demonstration in support of Lubna Hussein and women’s rights in Sudan. Our demonstration went very well. I have some photos which I will post before end of the day.

We started at SWAN and found alot of media from the major networks in Kenya waiting for us. We were told by police not to demonstrate in the streets, so we organized buses and went with them up to the Embassy. We spent an hour at the embassy waiting for the Deputy Head of Mission to see us. We wanted to meet with the Ambassador, but he had left to attend the funeral of a young Sudanese boy who had been kidnapped and brutally murdered earlier this week. Finally we were able to meet with the Deputy Head of Mission and hand over our letter of protest to him. He promised he would then have it delivered to the Khartoum government.

After the protest, we decided to go as a group to attend the funeral of the young boy that had been murdered. This is a horrible incident that took place. Our hearts and prayers go out to the family. The boy was only six. The murderers gouged out his eyes, removed his lungs, cut out his kidneys and his heart then dump the remains in front of his family’s house. A six year old boy. Oh my god that was a really bad experience for me. It reminded me of my brother that passed away and the pain that I felt for that, the injustice in this world and the continued abuse of human rights all over the world.

It was a good day, both happy and sad. We came together as women of Sudan, regardless of Sudanese origin. We came together as sisters making our voices heard for the same cause.

My involvement with all of this was doing the design work for the t-shirts, flyers and posters.  I really enjoyed making the stuff and think they came out pretty good.  Here are some photos.  Click on any of them to take you to the full gallery: