kissing a giraffe

Today i should have had my camera with me. We decided to take the family out of the house to enjoy the afternoon. It was sunny and almost hot. Haven’t seen so many days like that lately.

We went with no plan and just drove. I decided to head in the direction of Karen with the idea of checking out the Giraffe Center. So that is is where we found ourselves after a lovely short drive.

The kids had a blast. You can go up to a patio that is at the height of giraffe’s head and feed them by hand. Or by mouth as my kids found out. The center provides these small pellets made from grass to feed the giraffes. They apparently love the stuff and are very happy to entertain the guests. If one is to put the pellet in the mouth, one can get the most unique of kisses as well. I now have two children who have been kissed by a giraffe. Myself, I opted out on that one.

Abarizaa didn’t want to get too close, but he also tried to pretend he wasn’t scared of them. Except if he/they got to close. But from a distance he was all kinds of brave. Nyerdet was just trying to figure out what was going most of the time.

So I should have had my camera. There would have been some nice pics to remember a really good day.