two months just disappeared.  sorry.

just lots of not so fun hanging over my head and I wasn’t feeling up to posting or taking the time to do anything here.

quick review:

– left a contract after working two months and not getting paid.  at the same time lost office location and most of my clients.  the business took a nose dive.

– wandered around juba for several weeks feeling awfully sorry for self and awfully broke.  wife went to Khartoum for a few weeks to become a big music star.

– spent some weeks wondering how I found myself living in a grass hut with no water and electricity without a job, no savings and more responsibility than I might have wanted in life.  decided to stop feeling sorry for self and remembered I was the one who chose to be where i am at.

– hyperventalated a few times cause we were broke and had lots of bills.

– wife finally came back from khartoum.  unfortunately she didn’t achieve the goal she was after.  both of us feeling slightly frustrated with Juba.

– found a few freelance jobs.  got some money to clear some bills.

– currently in a holding pattern, waiting for clients to pay some money and planning to get out of juba for a bit and at live poor in a nice house in kenya instead of a grass hut in juba.  At least for a while.

– might come back later