a little round up

I don’t do alot of posts like this.  But its saturday, I’m a little bored and there has been some interesting things taking place.

1 – Riots in Uganda. This has been going since Tuesday or Wednesday and is only now starting to getting a little bit of widespread attention in the press.  Think there is need for more press. Heres a link to some more info – http://edition.cnn.com/2009/WORLD/africa/09/11/uganda.riots

2 – Sudan’s Lubna Hussein gets released from court and is spared getting forty lashes for wearing “indecent clothing”.  She is now refusing to pay the fine and will go before the court again sometime next week.  Go Lubna!.  On that note, some of the Sudanese women residing in Kenya are getting together next Tuesday to voice their support for Lubna and the stand she has been taking against the law that was misused to arrest her.

3 – Special Envoy to Sudan, Scot Gration is currently visiting Sudan. The majority of his visits make some sort of sense, but the bit about him going to Boma seemed slightly strange.  Boma is not a big town in Sudan, sits off in one little corner and for some reason doesn’t strike me to really have all that much interest to the U.S..  Except… it is the center point for where the UAE guys are setting up their “game reserve” and the area is also known to be overflowing in natural resources, i.e. gold, diamonds, etc.  For some reason I don’t believe he is only going there to”examine conservative efforts”.  His time in Juba hasn’t been too productive.  The talks he went to participate in havn’t produced any positive results up to this point.

4 – Security forces in Juba, Sudan conduct a wide spread search and seizure operation to get guns out of civilians hands.  Some of the Security Forces forgot that Consulates and Embassies of foreign countries are supposed to be off limits.