2 months with head in the sand

nairobi is still cold.  although the sun is coming out more often than it did before.

i don’t post much anymore because my current life has become quite dull.  We wake up, we eat, we think about doing something and then sometimes do it, we come home, we eat, we sleep (when the kiddos dont’ keep us  up all night for their various reasons) and we start the cycle again and again.

I also don’t get out of the house often enough to record anything of interest.  Nairobi is full of interesting bits and bobs, but I somehow miss most of them.

We are at the end of August.  I’m not sure when that happened.


– I’ve had about 4 different work propositions that have turned out to be more noise than substance.  But I can taste it on the back of my teeth that something somewhere will show its head sooner than later.

– Mary is working to finally put out a second album.  We hope she is able to market and promote it a bit when she gets back to Sudan.  She has also recently discovered Facebook and is enjoying the connections she is making there.  You can visit her page and become her friend here: http://www.facebook.com/maryboyoi

– Nyerdet turn one last month.  We had a lovely little party for him.  His favorite things were the noise makers.  Not my favorite things.

– The other kids are doing very well.  With the exception of the two little ones, the others are about to finish their school holidays and start school again on Tuesday.  I think they are 50/50 about going back.  That was all of us though, wasn’t it?  Abarizaa is getting very big. He is almost 3 going on 10.  Lots of fun.

I want to post some pictures, but something is wrong with my wordpress.  In the meantime I will link in to my facebook photos.  This is one of my favorites from my time in Juba.