work would be nice…

i really want to whine and complain.  but… I’ve got better things to do.

Just quickly, is anyone out there any good at taking a very bad C.V./Resume and spicing it up with words beyond my vocabulary?  Its pushing 2 years now since I had an actual “job” and am starting to feel lots of pressure in securing something on a long term basis.

Otherwise, I am now bout two weeks in lovely Juba.  Mary is organizing a performance this evening.  This morning we are taking it a bit easy, but I am just waiting for the craziness to begin this afternoon.  Should be fun and hopefully will have a good turn out.

We are still wondering when we might go to Pibor.  Everyday we hear that it is going to be organized in the coming next few days.  Then those days pass and again it is “the day after tomorrow….”.  Maybe next week… I don’t know.:)

A final comment.  Petrol/Gas/Benzine/MoneyBurner is too expensive here.  We pay 4 sudanese pound for one liter.  Which is about 2 USD per liter.  Thats about 3.8 liters to one gallon.  So  I am paying  around  $7.50 / $7.60 per gallon.  At the moment we are managing to use about 5 liters a day.  Ouch.  And I wonder why we never have any money. 🙂