Over the weekend police started arresting women wearing trousers because the commissioner of Juba issued an order against “bad behavior”.  Stupid.  Read the story here.

Its been some time since I posted.  I have been down in a valley of despair for the past few weeks and just not up to writing much of anything.  I’m currently back in the highlands, but fear I might tumble back down that direction if I loose my footing.  I love mountain/hill analogies.

So here is a recap over the past few weeks:

Been looking for work.  Not finding much.  Is very frustrating.

Been living in Juba, Sudan while my family is in Nairobi.  Juba also is just a really not nice place to be.  I’m here cause I wanted to find work but doesn’t seem to be happening.  Maybe next week.  Is very frustrating.

A Sudanese criminal hiding out in Nairobi threatened to kill my wife and family.  That was the lowest point I think we had over the last few weeks.  I was here and could do nothing for Mary and she was there freaking out.  She doesn’t freak out often.  That was more than frustrating.

My new boy is getting big.  I saw a photo a friend took the other day.  By the time I get back, he isn’t going to know who I am any more.:(  Thats just sad.

I shifted house in Juba.  I moved from the grass hut to a stone building with running water.  Not frustrating at all.  Am very happy about that one.

Mary’s family thinks I have money and am just not giving them any.  Making for interesting relations. That is frustrating too.

I’m sure there have been some other things going on, but can’t remember them for the moment.