Thursday Night

Its quiet for now. Thats good.

Mary is looking to go to Sudan on Saturday. I wanted to go as well, but we don’t feel comfortable leaving all the family behind during the situation that is taking place here in Kenya.

I am slightly frustrated. At the moment it doesn’t seem very safe for all of us to stay here. Have been considering what it might take to get us all the Juba for the interium. But as I look at the situation in Sudan at the moment, things there are not the best. The North has missed it’s deadline to withdraw the Sudan Armed Forces from areas in the South. I don’t know how many times this makes it with missing these deadlines, but it is alot.

Over the course of the last few months the Comprehensive Peace Agreement in Sudan has been undergoing a bit of stress and threatening to fall apart. Part of the agreements that have helped to continue keeping it together was the deadline of today to withdraw SAF from areas in the South. This could potentially cause some problems.

As well there are reports coming out about fighting in border regions between SPLA (Southern Sudan military) and militia groups supported by the North. This could also cause some problems.

So… as we sit here in Kenya wondering if the country is going to fall apart, we have to also wonder if Sudan is getting close to starting up another fight itself.