thursday morning

Was woken up at 4:30 a.m. by the sms alert on my phone. Received two messages from either Cetel or the government, not exactly sure, advising me not to send hate messages inciting violence which are subject to prosecution and not to take part in any unlawful assembly that may result in violence. Hadn’t planned on doing either, but thanks for the info.

Talked with one of the guards working in our estate. He lives in Kibera and hasn’t gotten much rest for the past week. He had to send his wife and family to stay with some relatives outside of the city with the hopes that they would be safer there than where they stay. He said this morning youths were trying to keep people from going to work and insisting that they attend the rally, calling those that went to their jobs this morning “traitors”. He is not very certain he wants to return home this evening, or that he will even have a home to go to.

I think the general consensus is that today will not end well.