Thursday afternoon

At least the Media stations are starting to give some coverage of what is happening today around the city and the rest of the country. Most of them are running pleas for peace from Kenyans and giving a platform for people to call in and make comments. Just being able to see what is going on, even if only on a limited basis, has really help relieved some of the stress and worry we have been feeling these past few days.

People all over the city are trying to make their way to Uhuru Park for a rally called by the opposition. Police are doing their best to keep them away. The road we stay on is starting to get a bit of foot traffic from folks running away from where Kibera residents and police are confronting each other. Talked to a friend staying closer to Ngong road and he said they could hear lots of chanting, shouting and a few gun shots (probably tear gas being fired in air).

From the pictures we see on the tele, so far the police have seemed rather restrained. Maybe because the pictures we are seeing are coming from places where there are loads of journalists covering the clashes and they don’t want to look bad in front of the camera.

**update 1:23 p.m.**

NTV is reporting that opposition leaders are trying to march from the ODM headquarters near to Yaya to Uhuru park but the GSU (General Service Units) are blocking their way.

Also watching scenes of police chasing people out of the city center.

**update 3:00 p.m.**

The Anti Climax

Opposition leaders called off the rally and told their supporters to go home after hitting a big police barricade somewhere in Hurlingham/Kilimani. Sounds like some of the supporters were not very happy with that. They had spent the whole day dodging and fighting police barricades to get as far as they had and felt that they should continue. Sounds like a few of the leaders felt the same way, but by that point the momentum was gone and so was most of the spirit. Apparently the rally has been postponed until 8th, next week. Not sure if that means we get to spend another week in turmoil and wondering what is going to happen to the country.

Also not sure if that means we are still going to see waves of violence continuing from now onwards, or if that has managed to deflate itself as well… it would be good if it does deflate.