Three Horses

Ladies and Gentleman, I would like to make the announcement that I am gainfully employed, at least for the short term.

Yours truly is now the company manager for an international beverage distributor in Southern Sudan.  Sounds a little impressive, no?  Well it isn’t really.  The company is myself and a driver.  I get to do everything and manage myself.  And the only beverage I am currently distributing/selling is beer.

The beer comes from Holland.  It’s called Three Horses.  Not a bad beer.  Just as good if not better than most of the beers on the market here.  That is the only problem though… there are a lot of beers on the market here.

In the seven years that I have lived in east africa, I don’t think I have ever been to a city that has so much choice when it comes to beer.  Not even in Kenya.  Here they have all the local beers from Kenya, Uganda, South Africa as well as quite a few from big manufacturers in Europe.

I have to admit I am feeling 50/50 about my new job.  Is going to be alot of work, a little pay and months away from my family.  Think that is what is making it the most difficult.  Being away from the kids and soon to be away from my wife for the next few months.  Don’t like it at all.  But what do I do?

In other news, I realized I forgot to make a very big announcement several months back.  My wife is pregnant again!  We are expecting another bouncing baby boy towards the end of July.  She has a big ol belly right now.  The pregnancy hasn’t slowed her down at all.  She is still making performances and planning a few trips before she gets very, very big.  She is hoping that in the course of the next few weeks, she can take a break, get back to Nairobi and take care of the family.  I hope she is able to get there too.

Alrighty… its now time for me to start my day.  Wish me luck, hope I sell some beer today.:)